New Brighton Hot Pool


24th Saturday

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0800 19 66 33


About the tour

New Brighton’s new hot pools facility is now open and ready to offer you a great place to relax and enjoy a soak in Christchurch newest attraction New Brighton Sail Water Hot Pools. Identity Tours will take you and your mates to the Sail Water Hot Pools for a lovely afternoon swimming and soaking in these new pools, we will go for dinner at Monster Chicken… Reported Benefits from Hot Water Salt Pools  Helping blood circulation, De-stressing, Relieving chronic pain, Helping skin conditions, The reduction of irritating chloramines versus traditional chlorinating methods Clearing nasal and digestion pathways.

Tour Code: 2234 Please bring picnic lunch, spending money for snacks and drinks. Monster Chicken for dinner. Carer Support form + 12.60 Pick from 9am, Home for dinner.