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Specialist Travel

We provide a range of unique travel experiences for individuals with physical & intellectual impairments.

These trips span every major region within New Zealand with an emphasis of Canterbury; typically with a healthy mixture of day and weekend trips.

Private Travel

Private travel can be thought of as tailored experiences for your specific needs.

One on one:
can be thought of as a tour with all the same experience as our standard tours with a ratio of one to one; whom acts as your personal travel companion.

These are experiences organised for groups (or 2 or more) outside of our traditional offering; designed by us or, with your guidance.

Respite Services

Our respite services are designed for both the young and the young at heart covering the following core areas;

After-school care:
We can collect your child (11 - 21 years old) from school or learning center returning them to you by dinner (6pm - 6:30pm)

Companion care:
Need a break? we can look after anyone during the day (9am to 9pm) & under certain situations during the night.

Holiday care:
Holidays organised around individual need and requirement.

Charter Services

Identity has a vehicle fleet consisting of one twenty seater bus, fifteen vans, including three with wheelchair lifts.

All our vehicles are available to charter with driver in Christchurch and greater area, Auckland & Wellington.