Tour Cancellation

Identity Tours Cancellation Policy for National and International Tours. Please notify Identity Tours ASAP when deciding to cancel a tour that you are booked on.

Day Trip Cancellation

Identity Tours Cancellation policy for day trips/ party weekend 

For National and International Tour Cancellation

Please be advised that you are eligible for a refund for any national or international tour cancellation if Identity Tours Ltd have not paid the travel agent or any other relevant agencies at the time. Once a deposit or a full amount is received by Identity Tours and you decided to cancel the tour then a certain percentage of your payment will not be refunded.

We strongly advise that you take out appropriate insurances at the time of booking.

For Day Trips Cancellation

Please be advised that minimum of $20.00 will be charged if a service user decides to cancell his/ her trip within 48 hours. If unable to travel on these dates due to unforeseen circumstances, do give us a call ASAP to discuss the best option for you. 

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